China Mobile gets cosy with Samsung for 5G prototypes

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China Mobile is partnering with Samsung to demonstrate technologies related to a yet-to-be-defined 5G mobile network standard. During an initial 5G test in Beijing, key technologies like spatial modulation and FBMC (Filter Bank Multicarrier) were demonstrated. 

Samsung became a member of China Mobile 5G Innovation Center in June 2016 and this marks a new milestone in the relationship. “Over many years of research and development, Samsung has accumulated a wealth of technology and experience related to 5G technology and product development,” said Dai Jun Zhang, Vice President and Head of Samsung R&D Institute China. 

The partners will test how millimetre waves can be used for 5G wireless technology due to being optimal for high-speed wireless communications. Samsung and China Mobile used two spectrum bands – 28 GHz and 3.5 GHz  for the field test. 

China Mobile, as the state-owned mobile operator, boasts approximately 840 million subscribers. This large subscriber base will enable Samsung to penetrate one of the world’s biggest telecommunications market. In addition, Samsung Electronics won a license to conduct the first 5G telecommunications test from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. 

“To accelerate the realisation of 5G standardisation and commercialization in China, we will continue to strengthen our joint efforts with the Chinese government, as well as operators in the future,” said Jun Zhang. 

Samsung has been researching 5G technologies since the late 2000s and since 2014 has focused its efforts on commercialisation technologies. Key milestones achieved by Samsung so far includes handover demonstration in a multi-cell mmWave network (Radio Frequency technology essential in miniaturising devices and equipment.) 

The South Korean giant has also played a key role in contributing to the formation of 3GPP standards and strives for a global and unified 5G standard to be finalised in 2018. 

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