Verizon is testing NG-PON2 technology with 40G total capacity

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In a press release issued earlier this month, Verizon announced plans to use ADTRAN's innovative NG-PON2 technology for a range of business solutions in 2017 before extending it to residential services as it matures. Verizon has taken its first step towards commercial deployment of NG-PON2 after the announcement it has begun lab tests of this promising technology. 

NG-PON2 is promising in particular for its compatibility with existing infrastructure; requiring only 'minimal' change in centralized electronics to implement. NG-PON2 technology is fully compatible with Verizon’s current underlying fiber optic infrastructure which helps to ensure deployment costs are kept minimal. 

As cities become 'smart' and more demanding - increased capacity will be required. Verizon is looking to help future-proof its network by implementing NG-PON2 technology which can enable a total capacity of 40 Gigabit per second capability to support a mix of services on a converged platform. 

“NG-PON2, as evidenced by Verizon’s commitment to it, can be a game changer as service providers look to advance their service capabilities over existing access infrastructures and underpin the open, programmable, scalable service architectures of the future,” said Jay Wilson, ADTRAN’s senior vice president, Technology and Strategy. “ADTRAN’s NG-PON2 platform leverages innovative optic technologies to help overcome the most costly part of FTTH architecture so that the business case can broaden to include business and residential use cases.” 

ADTRAN is supplying the NG-PON2 fiber network architecture whilst Ericsson will be supplying relevant networking gear for the lab tests at Verizon’s Innovation Lab in Waltham, Massachusetts“When it comes to NG-PON2, ADTRAN and Ericsson/Calix have developed new designs and some novel, yet different, approaches that put them at the forefront of the industry,” said Vincent O’Byrne, Ph.D., director of network planning for Verizon. 

NG-PON2 will enable tunable 40 Gigabit per second capability which should aid carriers in addressing the demand for segments including residential Gigabit broadband, big data, IoT and premium cloud and enterprise services growth and expansion. The platform offered by ADTRAN has a software-defined architecture which maximises SDN/NFV network automation and supporting rapid service delivery capabilities while improving network integrity and quality of experience.  

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