Why 5G has ‘captured hearts and minds’ of the wireless industry


Advisory body 5G Americas has published a whitepaper titled, “Global Organisations Forge New Frontier of 5G”, that details several industry, academic, private company and government organisations that are working towards taking forward the development of fifth generation (5G) technology and its ecosystem.

Chris Pearson, president of 5G Americas, said: “LTE will provide the mobile broadband foundation for 5G for years to come, yet there is no denying that 5G has captured the minds and hearts of the industry as we look out to wireless technology in 2020 and beyond. Over the past few years, there has been tremendous progress being made in the research and development of 5G across the globe.”

According to the whitepaper, more than a dozen universities from the UK, US and Asia are researching 5G with the aid of government grants and private industry contribution. Leading vendors in the mobile industry are backing their own institutes and research efforts across the globe. Finally, dozens of standards bodies and industry fora are coming up with requirements, use cases and timelines for the development of 5G standards.

Brian Daly, co-leader of the working group for the report and director core and government/regulatory standards at AT&T Technology & Operations, said: “3GPP has defined its timeline with initial studies in '5G' addressed in Release 14 with stage 1 goals in March 2016 finishing Stage 3 in March 2017. It is an ongoing process that will carry through in Releases 15, with the basis for submission to the ITU with conclusions of Release 16 in March 2020.

“Proper standards development will be essential in the global development of 5G and the input from the numerous organizations will be valuable in the work of 3GPP,” Daly added.

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