Ericsson launches multi-device WiFi calling

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Ericsson has bolstered their existing WiFi calling solution with new multi-device functionality in response to an increasing appetite from operators and consumers. The enhanced service will allow customers to switch between their WiFi-enabled mobile devices whilst retaining a full voice service. 

The new solution will offer better value to consumers, whilst opening new business opportunities to operators. According to a recent Ericsson ConsumerLab report, 61 percent of the respondents claim they now make more frequent and longer voice calls and half say they have replaced some over-the-top app communication with voice calls utilising WiFi calling.

Customers will be hoping that more operators adopt multi-device WiFi calling solutions

Many operators around the globe offer different levels of WiFi calling services – including Vodafone who launched their service this week – but not all will allow for the use of multiple devices regardless of whether the customer is on WiFi or cellular. As such, multi-device WiFi calling remains a ripe opportunity for an operator to differentiate. 

Smartphone and tablet maker, Apple, debuted native WiFi calling across multiple devices as part of their iOS 8 operating system – although it's listed as "T-Mobile only" in the US. Customers will be hoping that more operators adopt multi-device WiFi calling solutions like Ericsson's to benefit from the increased seamlessness and coverage it provides whilst in areas of poor cellular signal. 

Anders Olin, Head of Product Area Network Functions at Ericsson, says: "While natively-integrated WiFi calling in smartphones has been commercially available for some time, both consumers and operators can benefit from extending this functionality to multiple devices. We are excited to launch WiFi calling for multi-device, which is a clear example of how Ericsson's technology leadership is helping to create differentiated user experiences." 

Ericsson's latest offering comprises of; Product support in Evolved Packet Core (EPC), IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), User Data Management (UDM) and OSS/BSS, as well as integration services. The WiFi calling solution also caters for call management scenarios by the customer including support for simultaneous calls on various devices, and transfer of existing calls to another device. 

Further information on Ericsson's WiFi calling solution can be found here 

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