SK Telecom boosts its smart home platform via collaboration with Samsung and LG


South Korea-based operator SK Telecom has boosted its efforts at creating an open ecosystem around its smart home platform through collaboration with Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.

SK Telecom has signed MoUs with both companies that will ensure interconnectivity of Samsung and LG’s smart home platforms with SK Telecom's Smart Home App. As a result, users of SK Telecom's smart home platform will be able to control consumer electronic products of Samsung and LG including refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioners, robot vacuum cleaners, ovens and other products.

SK Telecom vice president and head of smart home TF, Cho Young-hoon, said: “We have been making efforts to create an open ecosystem around our smart home platform to bring benefits to all stakeholders. Cooperation with two global consumer electronics giants Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics is expected to take smart home to the next level, providing users with greater value and convenience.”

SK Telecom, the largest telecommunications company in Korea, reported revenue of KRW 17.164 trillion (£9.32 billion) in 2014. The company is seeking new areas of growth and has hence developed three platforms around lifestyle enhancement, advanced media and IoT service.

In order to grow the smart home and overall IoT market, the company has established collaboration with 25 companies in varying industries including consumer electronics, furniture and construction. SK Telecom is planning to roll out at least 20 smart home-capable products in 2015 and over 30 smart home products by 2016.

SK Telecom is putting on display a number of platforms and services in the spheres of smart home, smart shopping and smart appcessories at IFA 2015. The company will show how its mobile app can remotely control smart home-capable products like boilers or air conditioners.

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