Netflix goes on the offensive against Australian ISPs

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Australian broadband providers have been criticised by some of Netflix's customers as providing "unusable" access - which has prompted the streaming giant to launch a local version of its ISP Speed Index. The index aims to inform users which providers offer the best access to their vast library of entertainment content. 

Netflix arrived in Australia just two months ago and accounts for 20 - 25% of the total web traffic from ISPs in the country. The sheer amount of bandwidth being used by Netflix has been a key argument in net neutrality-opponents' case in the United States, who believe OTT services should cough-up extra cash to support infrastructure investment or face reduced speeds. 

Whether or not Australian ISPs are deliberately giving unsatisfactory access to Netflix or not is unknown, but a Netflix spokesman has said the findings "will be self-explanatory." 

The results were published on Monday and will be updated monthly to give the latest information on which ISPs are best for prime-time viewing. The same information is offered in the US, Canada, Chile, Sweden and Luxembourg. 

Do you think ISPs should be indexed by services such as Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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