MWC15: Jasper discusses IoT adoption and its benefits

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Jasper is a leader in the Internet of Things, you only have to take a look at the 1600+ partners who trust their solutions to see this. We caught up with the company during MWC to find out where the industry is going, and how Jasper is helping businesses and operators to connect all their 'things' to the web in what some see as the biggest technological advancement in recent history. 

It's quite telling by itself where you find Jasper's booth at the event, Innovation City. Their stand catches the eye of bystanders with its giant autonomous robot arm, whilst a seemingly normal vending machine sits in the corner to show how even the things which seem so tried-and-tested benefit from having a presence on the internet.

The first thing we hear is how Jasper is helping businesses shift from selling products, to selling services. A first, and often used, example is in agriculture where the IoT can have a range of benefits to automating manual labour tasks. "Farmers can use self-navigating tractors, or distribute pheromones to kill moths" says Simon Berman, VP of Marketing at Jasper. 

Earlier we mentioned a giant robot arm, and this is revealed to be connected via cellular network to be monitored remotely which can reduce costly downtime. "Things" for which Jasper creates a web presence use a global SIM, and the firm actively works with operators around the world to deploy their cloud-based IoT/M2M platform. 

One of the biggest issues right now is the lack of a single platform to connect all the various IoT devices from different manufacturers, which is what Jasper is here to provide. Last month we reported Panasonic is becoming a MVNO - in partnership with Vodafone - to connect all its own devices wherever their customers are in the world. 

Most people, especially our readers, will know the IoT hasn't been on a smooth road to adoption. This is one of the reasons ARM recently claimed the "IoT is not happening fast enough" and launch new starter kits in partnership with IBM to help speed-up the creation of devices. 

We asked Jasper what they think about the pace of adoption in the IoT. During MWC, the company announced a partnership with China Unicom to power IoT services for enterprise customers in the world's second biggest country. "China is the biggest connected device market in the world, they have around 50 million connected devices" says Berman. 

"If you look at the forecasts of the amount of connected cars on the road in the next five years, it's like 150 million. Every GM (General Motors) car coming off the lot in 2015 in the US - across all of their brands - has built-in LTE connectivity powered by our platform." 

A big area driving the Internet of Things is indeed the connected car. "When you buy a car today, a long-term transaction, you drive out the lot and you never have a relationship with the vendor again. The IoT enables a service to be delivered throughout its lifetime." 

He continues, "Why is that good for them? It's good for them because they know who you are, they can monetise new services, they can build some brand loyalty with you, and over your use they can make more money than they would the one-time purchase." 

One of the other demonstrations we were given was an internet-connected vending machine, and how it can be made far-more efficient through a presence on the web. Stock can be tracked in real-time, so someone is sent to replenish supplies only when required. Similarly, an engineer can be dispatched as soon as a problem is detected to prevent downtime and snack-deprived customers. 

Jasper has an impressive roster of partners which span a range of industries. It's notable the amount of long-standing brands adopting the IoT and Jasper's platform, and not just the early innovators jumping in on a new trend. The benefits of the Internet of Things is clear, and it is being adopted. 

Do you think the IoT is being adopted at a good pace? Let us know in the comments. 

To learn more about the Internet of Things visit IoT Tech Expo Europe in London's Olympia, December 2-3, 2015.

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