Airband brings superfast broadband to rural areas

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Rural locations have posed a huge problem in the rollout of superfast broadband, but new technology from Airband could solve this and connect folks in more problematic areas to the rest of the world at higher speeds. 

Nearly 6000 homes and businesses in remote West-Country areas in the UK could soon benefit from the superfast broadband inner-city dwellers are used to because of a new system that utilises wireless radio-powered networks attached to transmitter pylons or masts.

Although delivery to the end-building is wireless, a fibre or ADSL connection will be used to access the network.

The scheme overseeing the roll-out, Connecting Devon and Somerset, has announced the technology from Airband will be the next-stage of the broadband rollout in-place across Exmoor and Dartmoor's vast National Parks which aims to deliver super-fast broadband to around 90% of homes and businesses across Devon and Somerset by the end of 2016. 

Exmoor and Dartmoor have been difficult to reach with traditional infrastructure due to their challenging terrains. Airband's new wireless broadband system is specifically-designed to overcome such problematic conditions such as hills, structures, and high-densities of trees through passing a signal from a radio on a transmitter or mast to a radio attached to the final building. 

Although delivery to the end-building is wireless, a fibre or ADSL connection will be used to access the network as a customer would from a traditional provider. Other benefits to this method include; quicker delivery, lower install cost, and less-disruption than digging-up roads to lay cables and connect with exchange points. 

Airband has previously delivered superfast broadband to rural areas, and the company says it has learnt to overcome challenges from their experience in areas such as upland Wales.

To learn more abour Airband's technology, visit their website here.

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