BT set to reveal game-changing G.Fast trial results

TelecomsTech has previously covered the potentially game-changing, and incredibly cost-saving, G.Fast technology. At the time it was due to Bell Labs research into a spin-off technology of their creation called XG-Fast; which provided an astounding 10Gbps speed over the already widely-available existing copper landline infrastructure.

Of course these speeds were achieved during closed trials in a lab under ideal conditions. As we mentioned in our previous coverage, real-world results could be different due to environmental factors and signal degradation.

Fortunately, we may not have to wait much longer for such results. BT announced last October that it would be participating in trials of G.Fast alongside Huawei. Latest rumours pit BT at announcing the results from this golden partnership sooner rather than later at the Broadband World Forum.

Trevor Linney, Head of Access Network Research, said: “G.Fast is an exciting technology that has significant potential. We’ve been trialling its capabilities in our labs at Adastral Park and as a proof of concept in the field, and we’re excited to share some of our findings at the Broadband World Forum this year. Hopefully this will contribute to the global debate around future use of G.Fast.”

It is the “last mile” which is historically the most expensive for operators, or in layman’s terms, that cable into your home. G.Fast technology could provide an extremely desirable method of providing high-speed internet access into homes very cheaply – if the results are positive.

Commenting on Bell Labs’ achievement with the similar XG-Fast, Federico Guillén, President of Alcatel-Lucent’s Fixed Networks business said: “The Bell Labs speed record is an amazing achievement, but crucially in addition they have identified a new benchmark for ‘real-world’ applications for ultra-broadband fixed access.

G-FAST can help operators accelerate FTTH deployments, taking fiber very close to customers without the major expense and delays associated with entering every home. By making 1 gigabit symmetrical services over copper a real possibility, Bell Labs is offering the telecommunications industry a new way to ensure no customer is left behind when it comes to ultra-broadband access.”

Providing the results are good, then we can hope for a commercial deployment around 2016. This will be after field and interoperability trials during 2015.

Do you think G.Fast technology will live up to its expectations? Let us know in the comments.

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