Carriers want to hang-up on Apple's new SIM

For consumers, Apple's new SIM is fantastic. For carriers, not so much. The new card allows users to switch their carrier at the press of a button rather than having to swap their SIM card to one from their new carrier each time they want to use another network...

This makes a whole lot of sense for people who travel a lot, obviously. Why would you need to invest in a "Dual SIM" device when you can have as many as you want all on the one? It is perhaps the most game-changing feature of Apple's recent announcements, and yet it wasn't even mentioned at their event.

iDevice owners who select AT&T will be locked-in to the network.

According to Apple, EE in the UK, and AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint in the US were all on-board with the plans... which doesn't seem to be the case. AT&T has decided they won't, in-fact, be allowing their customers to switch to other operators on-the-fly.

iDevice owners who select AT&T will be locked-in to the network and have the switching option disabled on their devices. If they want to move, they will have to do the "old school" method of physically removing the Apple SIM card and replacing it with a new network's.

AT&T spokesperson Mark Siegel explained to the inquisitive media: “With us you can change carriers with this iPad any time you want. It is an unlocked device. All you have to do is switch out the SIM in the device so it works on another carrier.”

When asked why the operator would force customers to go through this process, Siegel responded: “It’s just simply the way we’ve chosen to do it.”

This prompted a response from T-Mobile's controversial CEO, John Legere, who will always have something to say about AT&T's decisions. He took to Twitter with a series of 20 tweets slamming his MNO rival and voicing his support of Apple's plans...

As for other networks, Verizon Wireless won't be supporting the Apple SIM at all. Sprint will be, but your IMEI number must be in their database (in other words, bought from a Sprint store) which prevents Apple's seamless plan.

What do you think about operators' reaction to the Apple SIM? Let us know in the comments.

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