Samsung gives us a taste of 5G (with 7.5Gbps speeds)

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Korean giant Samsung is often at the forefront of new technologies, and with 5G, it looks to be well-ahead of its time. The standard isn't expected for a few years yet, but a number of companies have started to work on and help shape what it should look like according to their visions.

Samsung has been testing its own version of what an event 5G network could become, and some of the incredible speeds which have been achieved leave the rest of us hoping it makes it to our devices sooner-rather-than-later.

What the company has come up with is capable of 7.5Gbps stationary, and just below 1GB/s (or 7.5 whilst moving. The test was performed not just in a controlled lab environment, but also on the road with just-as-impressive results. In a car moving at over 100km/h (60mph), the connection was still able to download files at over 150MB/second.

“We will continue to build upon these milestones and develop advanced technologies that contribute to the 5G standard,” said ChangYeong Kim, Head of DMC R&D Center at Samsung Electronics. “In addition to leveraging our own global R&D capabilities, we will also continue to cooperate with other industry leaders and research centers across the world. Whether you are talking about mobile devices, the cloud, or the Internet of Things, the demand for 5G telecommunications standard and its supporting technologies will continue to grow.”

To achieve this feat, Samsung has made use of the high-frequency 28Ghz band which has the same reputation of having a short-range as others. The company claims it has solved this issue through use of a “Hybrid Adaptive Array Technology” to boost the signal.

Hybrid Adaptive Array Technology is pioneered by Samsung, and uses millimeter wave frequency bands to enable the use of higher frequencies over greater distances. Of course, Samsung is merely testing equipment and speeds are likely to alter when the technology eventually hits market. For now, Samsung says it is focused on the technological-side of developments, but will engage with standard-setting organisations to help steer the overall direction of 5G development.

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