Ofcom’s “most complained” broadband and Pay TV providers for Q4 2013

UK telecoms regulator, Ofcom, has published its quarterly review of the number of complaints received about broadband and pay TV providers.

In this article we will break-down the results by their designated areas; and see whether the providers have made positive steps towards reducing the amount of complaints across their services at a time where infrastructure is getting hit by increasing demand...


Taking into account the proportions of the various providers customer base - BT came out as the most complained broadband service. The company received 0.32 complaints per 1,000 customers, EE came second with 0.29 complaints per 1,000 – whilst TalkTalk hit third place over this quarter with 0.21 complaints per 1,000 customers (all above industry average.)

Sky comes well below the industry average of 0.17 with its complaints weighing in at 0.08 per 1,000. Virgin Media takes the title for least-complained about amongst the major providers with 0.07 per 1,000.

Each cut complaints over the previous quarter, but the most admirable progress came from EE who had 0.45 per 1000 in Q3 - compared to 0.29 per 1000 in Q4.

It still continues to be a worrying result for BT, EE, and TalkTalk - however. These providers need to further work on reducing their broadband complaints to head closer towards the industry average and beyond… as is the case with Sky and Virgin Media.

Ofcom said the main source of chart-topper BT’s complaints was from service faults and how they were subsequently dealt with.

Pay TV

BT once again topped the table as the most-complained about provider – but this time for Pay TV. In this category the company really stood-out as being far more complained about than any other competitor…

In Q4 2013, BT received 0.31 complaints per 1000. The closest to matching this rate, and therefore taking second place, is TalkTalk at 0.19 per 1000.

The major providers’ complaints then dropped massively when talking about Pay TV. Virgin Media took the third spot with 0.04 complaints per 1000 – whilst Sky took the belt as least complained in this category with 0.02 complaints per 1000.

Results over the previous quarter were a very marginal improvement across the board except for BT – where given their due – improved significantly from 0.56 per 1000, to Q4’s 0.31 per 1000.

But, for comparison, the industry average is 0.05 per 1000 customers…

What do you think about the results? Are you surprised by any?

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