SK Telecom and LG U+ to bring 300Mbps LTE speeds to market

Through utilising 3 distinct bands, combining two 10 MHz bands and one 20 MHz band, SK Telecom and LG U+ will be supporting 300Mbps speeds using LTE-Advanced technology.

To demonstrate capabilities above this incredible feat, the South Korean telecoms company will be taking to MWC in Barcelona to show off speeds of 450Mbps. According to the Korea Herald, LG U+, the nation's third most popular carrier, will also deploy 300Mbps speeds in 2014.

These blistering speeds are over 4x faster than the highest speeds currently available in other markets internationally which generally top-out at around 75Mbps in best-case scenarios; but realistically get an average of a comparatively pitiful 18.6Mbps.

For western markets such as the UK, it’s even more embarrassing for providers when compared to fixed line broadband speeds – which reached an average of 14.7Mbps last year, and top-out commercially at a theoretical 120Mbps on Virgin Media’s “Superfast” network.

Late last year, EE, a collaboration between Orange and T-Mobile – launched LTE-Advanced in London’s renowned “Tech City” and claimed it's the "fastest 4G mobile network in the world. Currently, the only device to support this standard is the CAT6 Huawei router; which can tether with up to twenty phones and tablets each reaching speeds up to 200Mbps.

Handsets which support this latest standard are expected by the end of 2014; with capable chipsets such as Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 805.

The 805 is tipped to launch with this year’s flagships, including those such as Samsung’s Galaxy S5, Nokia’s Lumia 1820, and the next iteration of the HTC One (currently codenamed the M8.)

Only local companies have been able to connect to EE's LTE-A thus far, but the service is set to spread across London throughout 2014. The company may have been first off the starting line, but it’s going to be last to the finish line if it doesn’t speed-up!

What do you think about SK Telecom’s rollout of LTE-Advanced?

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