AT&T launches connected car platform

It’s all happening in the automotive-space at this year’s CES! Just yesterday our sister publication DeveloperTech reported about Google’s “Open Automotive Alliance” announcement; today AT&T have announced their own connected car platform.

The partnership is alongside industry heavyweights Ericsson, Amdocs, Jasper Wireless, Synchronoss and others to create “AT&T Drive”.

As a platform, it aims to provide a place for developing LTE connected car services. The “Drive Studio” will be located near the company’s Foundry Innovation Centre and provide a complete testing area where AT&T can test and develop technologies that will enhance the driving experience and improve safety.

This testing will be done within the firm’s 5,000-square foot Studio which features working garage bays, a speech lab, a full showroom to exhibit latest innovations, conference facilities, and much more. To sum-up, all the necessities to create the next-generation of automotive applications.

The end result is aimed to be a full system for which car makers and manufacturers can create customized car solutions which work in cohesion with AT&T’s network. A focus is placed upon enhancing the driving experience by improving safety, diagnostics, entertainment, and security.

Working alongside a mobile carrier (and their partners) has its advantages over Google’s efforts, such as;

• Global SIM and Global Provisioning

• Unique Global Billing Solutions

• Safety, Security, and Diagnostics Solutions

• Voice Enablement / Safe Driving Solutions

• Service Delivery

• Secure Firmware Updates

• Application Store Capabilities

• Policy Management Solutions

But whether third-party developers will be as attracted to the end platform as the ecosystem already built by Google’s Android; is another question.

In the press release, AT&T make clear the reasons for their efforts in the space: “As 4G LTE networks reach more and more people in the US, virtually every automobile manufacturer is working toward a connected car that takes advantage of next-generation data speeds, from voice-controlled apps and infotainment to advanced diagnostics.”

Competitor, Sprint, announced back in November 2012 its own vehicle testing area which it calls “Velocity”. The network is a strategic partner for American car manufacturer Chrysler’s “Uconnect” system.

On the company’s website, Ralph De La Vega wrote: “The future of the connected car is going to be amazing. And the AT&T Drive Studio is where we will reinvent and reimagine the car of tomorrow.”

What do you think about AT&T’s Drive platform?

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