Spectralink’s PIVOT offers a familiar experience where BYOD isn’t feasible…

Earlier in the week, we spoke to Simon Watson from Spectralink and discussed that whilst BYOD in the workplace offers convenience to the user; there are applications, such as in medical institutions, where bringing your own device simply isn’t a feasible option…

Watson highlighted that consumer devices aren’t built to handle the bumps and bruises of industrial areas, or the harsh cleaning chemicals required to sanitise hardware coming in and out of hospitals.

One of the main advantages of BYOD is you’re using an interface you are familiar with. Now up to 79% market share (as of the start of 2014…) Android is an OS many know how to use straight out-of-the-box. For this reason, Spectralink has chosen to use Google’s popular mobile OS for PIVOT.

PIVOT is a ‘WorkSmart’ device which aims to combine “smartphone-like features with the quality, durability, and reliability essential for in-building mobile employees.”

As such, features include;

  • Android-based user interface that’s instantly familiar out of the box
  • A 4.3 inch, multi-touch capacitive touch screen display, and patent-pending ergonomic grip
  • Integration with enterprise Android and Extensible Markup Language (XML) applications for improved workflow.
  • Access to web-based applications and resources.
  • Customisable to adapt to personal preferences and needs.
  • Unrivaled durability, longevity and support.
  • Damage-resistant Dragontrail™ glass
  • Excellent voice quality from any in-building location.
  • Enterprise level security and privacy.
  • Interoperable with your existing business applications, WLAN infrastructure and telephone system.
  • Over-the-air management and update capabilities.
  • Integrated 1 & 2D barcode scanner

The device marks a first in its category; and a major step-up from the bulky devices available today, each with their own legacy interfaces, and steep learning curves.

As a Voice over Wi-Fi device, PIVOT makes use of local area networks to provide HD voice quality for in-building employees…

In the interview earlier this week, Watson pointed us towards a piece of research which suggests (in hospitals) that about 45 minutes per person is wasted on running backwards and forwards trying to find pieces of information that really they needed access to in order to treat patients efficiently.

Likely helping lead to this shocking inefficiency is the fact that 61% of nurses and staff are still using handwritten notes to share really critical patient details such as medical notes and discharge instructions.

A device such as PIVOT, which is built specifically to be usable and customisable in such environments, would help to increase efficiency ten-fold.

Sten Dyrmose, CEO of Spectralink says: “We have spent the past year developing PIVOT based upon customer feedback and through assessing how our handsets are used in everyday situations. Given the rigorous requirements we know our customers demand of their devices, PIVOT far surpasses the many limitations of smartphones designed for consumers.”

Android’s customisability is a big advantage to the workplace; allowing different departments to set-up their devices with the applications and services which optimises their workflow.

Alaa Saayed, Senior Industry Analyst for Frost & Sullivan notes, "Consumerisation of the workspace and BYOD are stimulating enterprise endpoint vendors to innovate in their products in terms of design, form-factor and capabilities.

PIVOT, from Spectralink, has intelligently embraced the concept of 'WorkSmart' device to combine the best of consumer smartphones with the ruggedness and quality of a VoWLAN device. PIVOT is able to deliver specific applications and features needed for vertical industries through a smartphone form-factor.”

PIVOT is available in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand with the list price starting at US$895 through an exclusive set of reseller partners. For more information on PIVOT, and to see the device in action, visit www.spectralink.com/PIVOT.

What do you think about Spectralink’s PIVOT? Has the company started a new breed of devices?

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