Orange launches new LTE Signalling service for global roaming

Hoping to extend its leadership on the wholesale market, telecommunications provider Orange has today launched a new LTE Signalling service which will enable mobile operators to provide 4G roaming to their customers.

Orange has almost 20 years experience, and makes use of that expertise to provide operators with complete solutions; including Orange’s Multiservice IP eXchange – which LTE Signalling is found under that umbrella.

The network’s large footprint spans 30 PoPs (Points of Presence) worldwide, and provides a high-quality level of security and service with a guaranteed packet-loss ratio of less than 0.05% and jitter inferior to 5ms. Orange also operates in 220 countries, resulting in 450,000 km of optical fiber.

Today’s LTE Signalling service release is based on the “Diameter” signalling protocol; making use of Orange’s IPX network for enhanced interoperability and routing functions.

“Orange has developed LTE Signalling for operators to allow them to build a high-quality 4G roaming service that is fully compliant with GSMA guidelines. The Group’s Open Connectivity policy and extensive peering agreements allow us to provide wholesale clients with the opportunity to benefit from a large coverage.” says Alexandre Pébereau, EVP International Carriers, Orange.

He continues: “LTE Signalling is a must-have service that offers both differentiation and the ability to generate additional revenues in an increasingly evolutive market,”

LTE is fast on the rise, and is set to grow tremendously over the next few years. IDATE, a leading analyst and European Internet thinktank, predicts more than 915 million LTE subscriptions worldwide by the end of 2016.

Orange is positioning itself to take advantage of this huge upcoming market and ease this new transition for international operators; making use of their unique leadership position. The company is already a large contributor to GSMA standards, and a supporter of Open Connectivity, but Orange is further looking to extend LTE Signalling through direct connectivity and peering agreements.

What do you think about Orange’s latest LTE Signalling announcement?

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