Warwick Warp’s CEO on biometric ID for personalised experiences #TTW

TelecomsTech (TT) spoke to Stewart Hefferman (SH) at Telecoms Tech World in London this week about the company for which he is the CEO, Warwick Warp, about the increasing capabilities of biometric identity personalisation.

Stewart was previously CEO of OmniPerception; a facial recognition and matching system under the Digital Barriers brand. Here he was also involved in biometrics, and certainly has the experience to answer anything we could chuck at him credibly!

TT: What makes the solutions offered by Warwick Warp unique?

SH: What we are providing is a way for developers; whether that is mobile or PC-based; to use our service to deliver a more personalised user experience, and also to identify the person using that application.

TT: Android is usually the mobile operating system which comes most under-fire for security, how does biometric security and identification improve that particular platform?

SH: There’s two ways of looking at it; either it’s used to increase security, because you know who’s actually using the device… or, it can be used for more of a personalised experience so you can maybe recommend based on what you were doing on a different platform.

You can maybe start a new ‘instance’ of something on a mobile device, but we know it’s the same person, so we can pick-up where you left-off.

TT: Is there any examples you can give of your technology in action?

SH: We’re a company that’s well-established within the personalisation and identity space; this is a new venture for us where we’re taking it into a Cloud-based identity and personalisation. Within our normal environments we have many, many instances where we’re using our biometric recognition engines to identify people and personalise experiences… but this is new for us.

TT: So where do you see the future of mCommerce heading?

SH: It’s a hot-topic, but I think as mobile commerce develops it becomes more and more important that you actually identify who’s there. Whether it’s iPhones with fingerprint sensors… you’ve also got lots of mobile platforms which have some kind of method of providing an identity service; whether it’s a microphone, a camera, or a fingerprint sensor… it makes no difference.

You’ve got a way of identifying someone; it’s just inevitable it will become more and more prevalent as mCommerce takes off.

What do you think about using biometrics to personalise experiences?

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