Samsung embarks on worldwide tour to promote a S-lifestyle

Everyone who regularly uses technology knows how convenient (and yet occasionally frustrating) a tight ecosystem can be - yes, just look at Apple’s iDevice and Mac line. These work together flawlessly… until you try to use another manufacturer.

This has two favourable advantages; firstly, you have full-control to create a great experience for customers. Secondly, it makes it frustrating for any customer to leave the ecosystem.

Samsung is looking to recreate the ‘i’ experience with their ‘S’ devices. To promote this, they have embarked on a worldwide tour hoping to woo developers into creating applications which take advantage of the features on the vast amount of devices the Korean company sells daily.

In fact, Samsung has sold over 80 million smartphones sold to end users during the third quarter, according to Gartner. This is alongside the company selling two TVs every second.

"While this may be a European developer day, by partnering with us your product or service can take advantage of our global reach," said Lee Epting, vice president of Samsung's Media Solutions Center Europe

The majority of Samsung’s products are based on Android, and the company has been described by an analyst as “the tail wagging the dog” for the unmatchable market share and power the company holds over Google’s open-source operating system.

Through building their own unique functionality on top of this system; the company stands-out from its competitors. It is hoping to promote the best of these additions, such as the S-Pen, in order to continue its growth and loyal following.

One of the biggest goals as part of this global tour is to prove how Samsung can become key to the living room with its products working in “convergence”. One of the tools which allows this is the Multiscreen SDK, currently being beta tested, and aiming to make it easier to develop apps that tie together mobile devices with Samsung's TVs.

As more and more people sit on the sofa with smartphones and tablets while watching TV - with more and more devices becoming connected to every other part of our lives – it’s in any company’s interest to prove it has an advantage in the arena.

What do you think of Samsung’s tour and their hopes to bring developers into its ecosystem?

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