Hawk Search releases new feature to improve SEO


SEO Booster is now available on the Hawk Search platform; SEO Booster makes site search results search engine friendly.

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GLEN ELLYN, Ill. - Hawk Search, an enterprise site search solution and a product of Thanx Media, has released SEO Booster, a new feature of their Hawk Search platform. Hawk Search’s feature rich platform now includes functionality that will help businesses improve search engine optimization and drive additional traffic to their website from search engine results pages.

“we’re thrilled to offer a solution that addresses an important need and will help retailers drive more natural search traffic to their websites.”

Hawk Search was designed with both the customer experience and search engine optimization in mind. The ability to create search engine friendly URLs is an out-of-the-box feature that enables business users to create website addresses that contain keywords and are easy for search engines to crawl. SEO Booster takes the Hawk Search solution to the next level and improves search engine optimization further.

Search engines generally treat content generated from a site search results page to be considered duplicate content and best practices are to exclude these types of pages from being indexed by Bing and Google. SEO Booster provides functionality which enables companies to tap into visitor searches and expose additional unique content to the search engines.

SEO Booster creates a search term cloud based on the most popular searches. Each search term links to a results page with a unique search engine friendly URL, and content that will be indexed by the search engines and increase visibility in natural search results. Additionally, SEO Booster generates links to related searches which provides an additional navigation element and helps online retailers expose content on their website based on visitor behavior.

Every search term is logged and analyzed; the size of the font is updated dynamically based on the popularity of the keyword. The search term cloud can be implemented anywhere on a website. We know that search engine optimization is one of the biggest challenges and opportunities for businesses today,” expressed Paul Matker, Thanx Media CEO, “we’re thrilled to offer a solution that addresses an important need and will help retailers drive more natural search traffic to their websites.”

About Hawk Search

Hawk Search is a company that focuses on delivering a scalable and flexible software solution that transforms site search and merchandising into a Customer Experience Management platform. Powering over 300 sites, Hawk Search is revitalizing the site search arena by driving an effective website experience with market leading technology. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Hawk Search is offered exclusively through Thanx Media, an enterprise solutions company. For more information, visit: http://www.hawksearch.com

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