Stay safe with reliable public safety networks

The U.S. government is funding a program to improve public safety. It’s called FirstNet, which has $7B currently available to build a nationwide, public safety network using LTE.

The idea is to create a nation-wide broadband network, which helps police, firefighters, emergency medical service professionals and other public safety officials to do their job safely. In additional to federal funds, the state and local governments are contributing to this initiative. And private companies like Agile Network Builders also are building public safety networks with private funding.

Tellabs solutions help provide first responders critical information reliably and quickly. In fact, the State of Ohio has already built a state-of-the-art broadband infrastructure with Agile Networks and Tellabs. Its new wireless network provides more than just high-speed connections for emergency services for over 3 million residences and businesses. The network also enables video monitoring and surveillance, and smart grid management.  

Both public safety and utility networks share many parallels with Tellabs’ experience in mobile backhaul. These networks share the same need to transform from legacy networks to more robust, cost-effective packet networks. And high reliability is key for public safety.

To deploy high-quality communication services at very competitive price points, you need products with redundancy in the control plane and flexibility with modular interfaces. You also need a cost-efficient solution with remarkable capacity and support for multiple services.

In emergency situations, low-latency capability is crucial to limit any delays in information delivery. It goes without saying that management and operations of the network and all the individual products needs to be easy and somewhat automated.

A cost-effective solution is key, especially in early deployments that are privately funded where FirstNet funding is not available. I’ve heard repeatedly from customers like Agile Network Builders that they absolutely love the high level of support and services that Tellabs provides.

These are just some of the critical features and functionalities you need in public safety networks. In a nutshell, high reliability is a must. Tellabs is ready to help first responders with highly reliable communications.

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