Microsoft partners with Telefónica to boost WP against Android and iOS

Although gradually rising, Microsoft has had nowhere near the success with Windows Phone the Redmond-company had surely hoped by this stage.

It’s truly a shame, as whilst Android – the market share leader – could be called an iOS clone, and iOS is still being called “stagnant” in features; Windows Phone has both brought both brand-new design and software innovations to the table.

Now the software giant is looking to Telefónica to help boost the platform against its two obvious rivals. The influential mobile network will be stepping up its advertising in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Chile over the coming year, to end what it describes as “the current duopoly” of Android and iOS.

This will be good news for Nokia, whose primary success is currently reliant on the success of Windows Phone. Recently there were talks of Microsoft acquiring the iconic Finnish manufacturer, but these reportedly fell through.

It’s interesting Telefónica, who have a history of backing new mobile operating systems - such as Mozilla’s Firefox OS - are yet to put such support behind BlackBerry 10.

In a recent IDC report last month, figures show Windows Phone has leapfrogged BlackBerry for third place, showing good progress for Microsoft.

The problem with everything in the Windows 8 ecosystem; it’s radically different from not just previous iterations of the most popular (desktop) OS, but anything else on the market.

Whilst porting apps between Android and iOS was previously a challenge; this has now become easier thanks to great cross-platform tools. Sharing the same design theology means less interface changes are required, whereas Windows Phone requires a whole different user experience to be catered for.

Windows Phone may already have a boost from an unlikely source, Apple, who with iOS 7 has decided to go for a very ‘flat’ design reminiscent of and a clear homage to the kind of forward-thinking from Microsoft’s teams.

What do you think of Windows Phone and Microsoft’s partnership with Telefónica?

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