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Case Studies Highlight Results in Ad Recall and Response, Brand Awareness and Purchase Intent

NEW YORK - TargetSpot, the largest Digital Audio advertising network, released the results of Digital Audio advertising campaigns for Auto, Retail, Banking, and Insurance advertisers, showcasing the effectiveness of the medium across these key advertising categories.

The results reinforce that Digital Audio is a very powerful medium for advertisers and brands to connect with their target audiences and achieve their marketing objectives. They illustrate Internet Radio’s effectiveness in driving advertising recall and response, brand awareness and purchase intent across a wide range of verticals.

“These case studies reinforce what TargetSpot’s research has shown – Internet Radio advertising is impactful and yields incredible recall and response rates, making it a must buy for advertisers.”

In 2013, more than 147 million people in the US will tune in to Internet Radio, which equates to 67.4% of Internet users in the US.1 While more people are listening to Digital Audio than ever before, TargetSpot’s research shows that 86% of listeners do not pay a fee for access to premium content2, opting in to receive advertising on free, ad-supported Internet Radio services. Consequently, this advertising is extremely effective – 58% of listeners recalled having seen or heard an Internet Radio ad within the last 30 days and, of those listeners, 44% responded to an Internet Radio ad in some way3.

These insights proved tangible when applied to campaigns which TargetSpot has executed over the past year:


A major auto manufacturer tasked TargetSpot with creating a national campaign that would drive dealer visits and prompt online research among its core audience of 18-54 year olds. The campaign consisted of in-stream audio with a companion banner, as well as pre-roll audio.

As a result of the campaign, listeners who were planning to buy a new car in the next 12 months were 133% more likely to visit a dealership to learn more about the vehicle and 40% more likely to visit the brand’s website mentioned in the ad.

The campaign led to lifts in those likely/very likely to consider the brand, with a 66% increase among listeners in the market for a new vehicle and a 31% increase among 18-54 year olds.


A national retail chain worked with TargetSpot to increase store visits and inspire their target demographic to visit the store for “quick trips.” The target demographic for the campaign was 25-54 year olds. The campaign consisted of in-stream audio with a companion banner and was geo-targeted to 30 states.

The campaign led to astounding ad recall and purchase consideration rates among the target demographic. 68% of 25-54 year olds recalled seeing/hearing an online ad for the store and, after exposure to the ads, ad recall increased by 183% among this audience. Additionally, purchase consideration increased by more than 20% for multiple key “quick trip” categories.


A regional bank partnered with TargetSpot to drive awareness, and reinforce the bank’s creative messaging. The campaign was geared toward two target groups: 35-54 year olds as well as adults ages 55 and over. It was geo-targeted to four tiers of markets in the Midwest and Southern US.

Despite the fact that the bank already had a pre-campaign awareness of 67%, the campaign increased awareness by 24% — with 83% of users aware of the brand after exposure. Additionally, the campaign delivered more than 100% lift in message association among the core target groups. Consideration of the bank was boosted as well. Most notably, there was an 86% increase in the 35-54 year old group who were “very likely” to consider the bank after exposure to the Digital Audio advertising. Those already aware of the bank who were “very likely” to consider the bank increased by 44% after the campaign.


A national insurance provider turned to TargetSpot to drive purchase intent for the brand while measuring the impact of the streaming audience. The target demographic was 18-49 year olds with key income specifications, who were in the market for insurance. The campaign was geo-targeted to 30 states and consisted of in-stream audio with a companion banner.

The campaign showed significant overall lift in ad recall (135% lift), which was further increased by 8% after adding targeted social media-based creative. The brand saw a 150% lift in ad recall among the key target audience of 18-49. Among users who stream music daily on a mobile device, there was a 120% ad recall lift and an 80% lift in being “very likely” to purchase.

“Digital Audio continues to achieve huge growth and momentum and presents a great opportunity for advertisers to speak to their target audiences and deliver results,” said Mitch Kline, co-CEO of TargetSpot. “These case studies reinforce what TargetSpot’s research has shown – Internet Radio advertising is impactful and yields incredible recall and response rates, making it a must buy for advertisers.”

1eMarketer: “Internet Radio: Marketers Move In,” 2013

2”TargetSpot Digital Audio Benchmark and Trend Study, 2012”

3”TargetSpot Digital Audio Benchmark and Trend Study, 2012”

About TargetSpot

TargetSpot is the largest Digital Audio advertising network. TargetSpot connects top national brands, regional, and local advertisers to highly engaged internet and mobile audiences. Advertisers work with TargetSpot’s team or use its self-service platform to create rich media campaigns delivering high-impact audio, display and pre-roll video advertising across thousands of online properties. TargetSpot advertisers can target consumers by demographics, listening preferences, and geography down to zip code level; while benefitting from real time reporting and analytics. TargetSpot has more than 85 distribution partners, including CBS RADIO, ABC News Radio, Univision, Entercom, Live 365, and AOL Radio. TargetSpot is based in New York City. For more information, please visit

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