T-Mobile’s “boldest moves” event is simply disruptive (in a good way)

Nearly a fortnight ago, TelecomsTech reported on an event by provider T-Mobile which was entitled “Our boldest moves yet”.

Counting me intrigued, we speculated, and had some great discussions and theories across the social networks to which we post. So, were their steps bold?

Firstly and most importantly, is a brand-new contract add-on which is indeed pretty bold. Going by the name of ‘Jump!’ it will incur an extra $10 monthly charge on top of your current plan.

So what do you get for your extra money? You will be able to upgrade to the latest phone, not just once, but the ability to upgrade twice a year. But you will have to trade-in your previous handset.

One of the biggest benefits is insurance will be included in this price; offering peace of mind, if you break your phone within the standard two-year contract, you can get it fixed or replaced.

Admittedly I was completely wrong with my own speculation and slightly disappointed as a result. Looking into the ‘moonshot.png’ image filename to which press invites were sent; I’d came across a single sign-on service delivery platform, and hoped for some new carrier value-added content.

Google+ user ‘D B Stella’ on my post suggested a possible announcement could be: “LTE Advanced - if they don't get there quickly, any moonshot including new services, will go into the ocean.”

This would indeed have been a bold step, and one which would position them ahead of the competition. Samsung recently released a variation of its Galaxy S4 handset in South Korea which supports this enhanced variation of LTE, and is supposedly in talks with overseas carriers.

Whilst a great suggestion, it didn’t come to any fruition; yet the event was not completely absent of LTE-related announcement. T-Mobile says the network expansion is now live in 116 metro areas, with 157 million potential customers.

This already beats their target of 100 million by mid-year, after only four months.

What do you think about T-Mobile’s new ‘Jump!’ plans and LTE expansion? Bold?

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