HTC Q2 financials show cause for joy, stop fear-mongering

HTC has posted its Q2 2013 financials to which the majority are calling a failure for the struggling company; making out it’s the beginning of the end.

These people are blind.

It’s undeniable HTC is not in a great place at the moment; largely internally due to staff restructuring (and spectacularly leaving) as well as failed handset launches such as the HTC First, alongside the struggle to meet demand for the flagship HTC One.

Yet heart and soul has clearly been poured into what most would agree is one of, if not the best handset available - it is one of the company’s last attempts at turning its future around after all.

Taking away how incredible the phone is (can you tell I’m still in a bit of a love affair with One?) it marks the beginning of a much bigger overall change.

For HTC, the One is a completely different departure to any release previously; whilst devices like the One X featured great specs and solid build, it was a very love or hate it design.

Still, the re-branding is in place, and the flagship is out there selling 5 million handsets in March. Whilst not anywhere near the might of Samsung who shipped 10 million, this still isn’t half bad.

Let’s quickly break some of the financials down - in Q1 2013 HTC generated $1.4 billion revenue. Ok, so from all the bad press they’ve done worse in Q2, right? Wrong, they’ve shifted $2.35 billion.

That equals a 68 percent increase since the company’s restructuring and re-branding; it’s still a greatly desired phone, and for customers who prefer stock Android, the “Google Edition” has recently hit the market.

For the foreseeable future, the only threat I’d imagined could have taken the One’s crown in terms of overall design, build and spec is the long-awaited Motorola “X” Phone. Yet it seems this phone will be a fairly mid-range affair, with more of a focus on customisability.

So whilst HTC unjustly won’t match the sales or profits of Samsung; these results show the company is back on the rise. The message here: stop fear-mongering for the sake of it and get behind the company.

What do you think of HTC’s Q2 2013 financial results? Do you think the company is “doomed”?

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