Apple brand loyalty drops behind Samsung in South Korea

It’s another day, and that means another Apple versus Samsung story. Between ongoing patent disputes and court cases; a new report from Samsung’s own home turf of South Korea shows less than promising brand loyalty results for Apple.

According to DIGIECO, a group affiliated with Korea Telecom, 53 percent of 416 iPhone users surveyed responded they would not continue to use Apple’s smartphone line.

Whilst not entirely surprising; considering Samsung’s huge marketing prowess which has gained them worldwide dominance, the satisfaction rate may be, which is in direct contrast to J.D. Power’s report for March.

In J.D’s report - considered the industry standard - Samsung was close to taking to the second spot, which in the end was given to Nokia. One obvious theory for such a quick shift in public opinion could be the lacklustre reveal of iOS 7 to many?

Unfortunately, we can’t confirm any effect to J.D. Power’s results until 2014.

Going back to DIGIECO’s research for Samsung satisfaction; the results were much more positive. Of the 3,763 individuals surveyed between the ages of 13 – 69, only 35 percent of respondents would want to change manufacturer going forward.

Has Samsung stolen Apple’s reality distortion field? (Yes, that’s actually a thing.)

Perhaps not; of the Galaxy users surveyed 16.3% said they’d use an iPhone going forward, there’s still some chance of Apple gaining back brand loyalty in Korea.

The most interesting part of the report is probably how much influence each factor of the phone has on a customer’s purchase decision. Design was the most important factor, followed by brand, and finally (surprisingly?) the OS itself.

Update: Sent a conflicting survey performed by search portal Naver which claims Apple beat Samsung for satisfaction in Korea. Speculation, but it's more likely the search portal is less "influenced" than a research firm affiliated with a telecoms provider.

What do you think of these results? Does Apple need to work harder to keep its brand loyalty?

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