Are we heading towards “fashion house” technology and custom smartphones?

Buying a smartphone could become a whole lot more complex over the next few years, from custom-builds, to deciding which fashion designer we want behind our mobile devices. I’m already cringing with you at the thought of the latter.

So let’s start with the more exciting prospect of custom-build smartphones...

Custom-build Smartphones

Ever since Google’s acquisition of Motorola we’ve been waiting to see the fruits of the combined giants efforts, and rumours of the ubiquitous “X” phone have been floating around the net for a quite a while; alongside recent leaked shots of the said device.

Well the sign-up page for the mysterious device(s) has just gone live, and displayed prominently is the tagline “Designed by you.”

If there’s any speculation to be had, we are about to see a smartphone we can have input on not just  external variables such as colour, but also the internal specs (much like ordering a new PC.)

Want a basic, cheap phone which still fits in with other high-end products; just un-tick all the boxes.

Is your passion mobile photography? Stick a 600mpx UltraIncrediblePixel camera in there.

Do a lot of gaming, but little picture-taking? Take out the camera and put an Octo-core processor in.

Just won the lottery and want it all? Tick everything.

"Fashion House" Technology

Now let’s move on to the era of “fashion house” devices, something which I’m personally dreading.

The reason I’ve decided to include this is due to Apple’s hiring of former Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve for "special projects"; of course, like wildfire the internet spread talk about work on the yet-to-be-announced “iWatch”.

Past attempts at fashion houses entering the realm of technology have been (thankfully) unsuccessful. If you remember devices like the “LG Prada” it was the same as clothing; the same quality as everything else, but ten times as expensive due to the label.

As we move into an era of wearable computing, it seems inevitable fashion designers will be taking notice. Certainly the “iWatch” will be by Apple; not the “iWatch by Yves Saint Laurent”, but other devices may well be.

Take Google Glass for example, for a geek like me it looks like the kind of futurist fashion I’ll proudly wear on my face, however you think I look. The general public however may prefer to look towards Google Glass by Prada, Google Glass by Gucci, Google Glass by Oakley...

Of course, when you start getting mixed up in brands; you want everything from that brand (a la Apple). For this very reason, the LG Prada, may yet return.

Are you excited by a future of custom-build smartphones? How about fashion-brand tech devices?

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