Build or buy: The WAN infrastructure decision tree [infographic]

Today’s enterprise IT decision-maker has quite a task at hand.  With the telecom world at the front edge of what is predicted to be a massive migration to cloud-based infrastructure and services over the next decade, the decision on how to spend your precious IT dollars has never been more complicated.

Should you continue to build out your own private enterprise infrastructure, or make the jump to one of the increasingly abundant and full-featured managed service offerings?  When making a decision this complicated, it’s sometimes hard to even know where to start.

So to help you take that first step in the evaluation process, we’ve developed the below WAN Infrastructure Decision Tree.  Follow your path through the questions to determine which IT investment direction might be best for your enterprise.  We don’t pretend to think that this decision tree is all you need to determine the future of your enterprise’s network, but it’s a start – and your IT network will thank you for it.

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