Operators must embrace change to stay relevant, say Telco CEOs #MWC2013

There’s an all pervasive sense of a pressing need for change running through operator strategy discussions at MWC in Barcelona this week.

Since we travelled to the city for last year´s show, the Telco community has tried its hand at delivering the OTT that’s been otherwise ravaging its revenues. It has tried to implement the Wholesale Applications Community. On the whole, the results have been mediocre at best.

Viber CEO and OTT poster boy Talmon Marco, on stage this morning, gave a frank assessment of operators’ efforts. “These services are simply not taking off,” he said shrugging, almost apologetically.

Yesterday, the very engaging Hakam Kanafani, CEO of Turk Telecom, postulated the Marilyn Monroe syndrome, with which he believes operators are currently afflicted. Like the ...

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