Internet of Things leads Cisco’s 2014 forecast

San-Francisco based networking giant, Cisco, have offered their predictions for 2014. As journalists, we have hundreds of these come in and out of our inboxes; but you have little choice but to pay attention when it comes to a company with such scale and experience.

We have also wrote, and you readers have read, about the trend we call the “Internet of Things” almost every day – each time without clear direction in the industry – throughout 2013.

Now we are getting that direction. Partnerships such as the ‘AllSeen Alliance’ which TelecomsTech reported on last week – have been formed. The pieces are finally coming together. This shows in Cisco’s 2014 forecast; of which the IoT leads the pack.

In 2014, we’ll see implementations and demonstrations of the Internet of Things working together – as it should – in ways we’ve not been able to previously. Real-time communications on the Web and software-defined networking platforms with killer applications for them will also be widespread.

It’s key for Cisco to be right about their forecast; as this is their next big revenue opportunity. This is where they will be investing their money; into a market which will see 50 billion devices connected by 2020, at a value of $14.4 trillion, Cisco has said.

According to Vice President of Cisco’s corporate technology group, Maciej Kranz, three primary examples of the Internet of Things in action will emerge over the next 12 months; real-time information, scale, and analytics.

Real time information is data collected centrally from global production locations, and then readily acted upon by product managers or developers. Scale might be a logistics company needing predictive maintenance information on the shipment of packages. Analytics could be a vending machine which can notify a supplier when its inventory is getting low.

This of course is just the start. The potential for the Internet of Things to change our way of living is exponential - it just required direction. B2B executives and clients are excited, and so should the general consumer. Before long, Microsoft will have to revise their “home of the future” to something a little less present.

Do you agree with Cisco’s forecast for 2014 and the potential of the IoT?

To learn more about the Internet of Things visit IoT Tech Expo Europe 2015 - taking place in London's Olympia, 2-3 December, 2015. 

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