Optical LAN vs. copper-based LAN: Which performs better?

Network users need more and more bandwidth. At the same time, your CFO wants to reduce IT spending. How can you address both needs with your local area network (LAN)?

With Tellabs Optical LAN, you can gain bandwidth and lower costs at the same time. Optical LAN offers these advantages for enterprises and government agencies:

  • Seamless migration to IP. It’s easy to migrate from plain old telephone service (POTS) to VoIP (voice over Internet protocol), and from RF (radio frequency) video to IP video.
  • Higher throughput. We deliver up to 1G to the desktop now. Going forward, fiber optics can offer virtually unlimited bandwidth.
  • Higher security, since optical fibers can’t be tapped easily. Copper cables act like radio antennas that broadcast your data for ease of interception. Tellabs All-Secure PON is used by government agencies for the ultimate in Layer 1 security.
  • Greater reach, to meet the needs of resorts and campuses. Copper cables can extend only 100 meters from electronics, but fiber optic cables reach 300 times farther -- up to 30 kilometers.
  • Lower Cost. Today’s fiber optic cables cost less than expensive copper, and are less costly to install, up to 50% less than copper-based LANs.
  • No more recabling. Unlike copper cables that have to be ripped out and replaced when you need to increase bandwidth, the same fiber optic cables can be upgraded with new electronics to meet bandwidth needs for decades to come.
  • High scalability. We’ve already built an Optical LAN with more than 60,000 endpoints, and we’re working on a project that may grow to 100,000 endpoints.
  • Higher availability. Unplanned downtime is less than 5 ½ minutes per year with Optical LAN, compared with almost 9 hours per year for the average copper-based LAN.
  • Resistance to corrosion. Beachfront resorts choose Optical LAN because it eliminates copper cables that saltwater and salt air can quickly corrode.

Many of these benefits are summarised in this infographic:

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