Microsoft to improve multi-monitor productivity in Windows 8

If you use multiple monitors you have no doubt noticed it can get annoying to have to go back and forth between them to access specific functions like the Start menu.

Well, it seems people at Microsoft too have noticed there is a productivity hit to having to move your mouse back and forth across potentially huge screens.

And a result Microsoft has released its multi-monitor improvements in its Windows 8 Release Preview and the good news is you can access essential Windows functions on all the monitors connected to a system.

This is great news not only for users who have multiple monitors of the same size but for those who are accessing a display on a projector or a large screen TV.

Often I have noticed it can be difficult to set up an external monitor or projector which is used infrequently. Part of the reason has to do with the various screen sizes and the fact that the target monitor an audience will see may or may not have the Start Menu on it as well as other functions - depending on whether the displays are mirrored or extended.

The good news is, now, less time in meetings can be devoted to setting monitors up and more of it can be focused on the work at hand.

Engadget has a video worth checking out here.

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