LG announces 3D-enabled game apps for Smart TV

The Korean electronics giant LG has announced that its Cinema 3D Smart TVs are to get a series of 3D game apps.

This has been described as an industry first, as until then these games were only available on 2D on smartphones and tablets via Apple’s App Store or on Google Play.

Five popular games have been launched initially, with more becoming available during August.

The five games are Air Penguin, Burn the City, Diversion, Downhill Bowling 2 and Frisbee Forever. The service will be available in all the LG Smart TV pay regions.

According to LG CEO Havis Kwon: “With the arrival of established games as well as original titles developed exclusively, we are fulfilling our commitment to realising the potential of Smart TV as a genuine gaming platform.”

Kwon added that users will be “amazed” at the ease of use and functionality.

This will presumably relate to the lightweight 3D glasses, which LG will hope leads to longer gaming and less user eye fatigue. The solution utilises LG’s Magic Remote as a game controller.

Accedo’s Michael Lantz told Enterprise AppsTech his belief that the standard TV remote was the biggest hurdle to Smart TV development and that “to this day most of the new Smart TV devices on the market have standard remotes as the main interaction”.

LG’s Smart TV Magic Remote, with a wheel and a drag and drop function, clearly doesn’t fall into this trap.

Last week Samsung had aligned with Rovio to bring Angry Birds to their ES7000, ES8000 and ES9000 TVs.

Both pieces of news had important selling points. The Angry Birds on Samsung’s Smart TVs is reportedly the first to utilise motion control on the Smart TV device, but the 3D element will appear to be LG’s USP.

Samsung of course is a leader in the Smart TV gaming sphere, having last month signed a deal with streaming specialists Gaikai to introduce a cloud-based gaming service.

But how much of a breakthrough is 3D game adaptation in the development of Smart TV?

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9 Aug 2012, 5:15 a.m.

I hope my LM9600 will arrive soon, I would like to try all these asap. :D