Skype Hits 40 Million Simultaneous Users!

Congrats to the folks at Skype for hitting over 40 million concurrent users! Today at 2pm US Eastern when I typed "/users" in any Skype chat on my Mac, I got this great message (Windows users should see the count in the lower left corner of the Skype client):

Skype 40million

That's a pretty amazing milestone, given that some of us can remember back to when the concurrent user count was in the upper 20s (early 2011) or even way back to the earlier days when it was down in the low millions(2007). This time of day has historically been one of the highest times, so I expect that we'll see the count drop off for the remainder of the day and then hit this number again tomorrow around early afternoon US Eastern time.

Hudson Barton has an interesting trend chart showing the growth of Skype usersover time:

SkypeStatistics Aaytch

The jump in the last quarter has been particularly dramatic - and probably has much to do with the expanded availability of Skype on smartphones and other devices.

Regardless of the reason, it's a rather amazing milestone. Congrats to the folks at Skype!

P.S. Skype now has a blog post up about this milestone as well.

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