Samsung seeks iPhone 5 ban

Samsung is considering blocking sales of Apple’s latest iPhone model in some countries as the legal wrangle over patents continues, according to reports.

The South Korean electronics company is considering legally blocking sales of the iPhone 5 by seeking a court injunction in South Korea as well as Europe, it has been suggested.

According to a report in the Financial Times, a person close to the organisation said that rumours of the legal block were "largely true". The possible sales ban is the latest in a whole host of legal disputes over patents across nine countries including the UK, the US, Australia and Japan.

And While Samsung refuses to be drawn into the specualtions, it has stated that allegations that its own smartphone designs are rip-offs of Apple models would be met with fierce denial: “We are preparing aggressive legal suits against Apple, shifting away from our defensive strategy. We stand a good chance of winning the cases if we use our patents related to wireless communications standards,“ said Samsung. “The wireless technologies such as the WCDMA and HSPA standards are essential for mobile devices. So they can be a big weapon for us.”

History has already seen the two companies lock horns with a motion filed in Germany earlier this month banning the sale of Samsung's Galaxy Tab after Apple claimed its design was stolen from the iPad.

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