China Telecom announces 2012 cloud strategy

China Telecom has announced its cloud strategy for 2012 which includes a number of esurfing cloud devices and storage products due to launch next year.

The national telecom operator was one of the first to establish a cloud project team back in 2009 and has since completed testing in several major cities including Shanghai, Guangdong, Guangxi and Jiangxi as well as setting up a data centre to act as the hub for the scale development of cloud computing. At the beginning of 2011, China Telecom launched a project to promote the access of optical fiber network which has since been deployed in 342 cities and 2,055 counties, and 90% of villages and towns in China.
According to Yang Jie, vice general manager of China Telecom, the organisation already has 300 cloud rooms covering a total area of ten million square metres and has completed successful pilots with the new storage products, with formal operation expected in early 2012. Jie added that the network capacity is the foundation for the scale development of cloud computing.

China Telecom has undergone something of a transformation in recent years from a traditional telco to a technology-embracing information service provider and has boosted profits since focusing on the non-voice sector. Commenting on the latest cloud strategy announcement, Shang Bing, vice minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and former party secretary of China Telecom, said the launch of the eSurfing cloud computing strategy marks the beginning for China Telecom's new transformation while the Ministry is keen to promote the cloud industry by formulating new sector-specific guidance.

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