Samsung's bendy smartphones to hit market

Samsung could release its new bendable smartphones by early 2012.

The new technology will feature foldable OLED screens, which doesn’t crack when folded over, and makes it easier to fit your device into pockets and purses. The screen itself uses pixels that emalate their own light rather than using a backlight.

The South Korean electronics giant also said that tablets and other devices may be introduced to the flexible screens at a later date. This was announced during the company’s earnings conference call yesterday.

Nokia also announced a similar venture, unveiling a prototype of its bendable ‘Kinetic’ device at Nokia World last week.

The prototype could be controlled by twisting the whole device in order to scroll through music collections or zoom in/out of photos.

Consumer devices expert of Current Analysis, Avi Greengart, said: “It was rather delightful. I have no idea what Samsung is planning to do with its version of the technology; its utility depends on how it is implemented."

The new devices could open doors to game and video developers, as the programs could be displayed by a panoramic view.

However, it could also worry users due to expense and if it’s too experimental for a reliable smartphone.

Principal analyst at Pund-IT, Charles King, said that fragility is a concern “for first and possibly second generation iterations, which will likely be neat/pricey gizmos appealing largely to early adopters”, whereas the aesthetics “could be the game-changer since flexible screens would allow developers to spread their wings beyond flat-plane product designs.”

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