Putting The Knowledge Worker First

Geoff Mair, Partnerpedia's CTO

By Geoff Mair

We are entrenched in the Mobile Application Management (MAM) market and one of the big problems organizations are facing today for developing mobile enterprise applications is how to distribute apps in a consistent, secure, and efficient fashion.

Simplifying application distribution to employees drives innovation of the developers and IT departments that come up with easy-to-build tools. And driving innovation is what I see as the key difference between MAM and Mobile Device Management (MDM).

In the past, organizations looked at MDM solutions as way to deliver applications and do it in a manner that is secure and policy compliant. But as the market matures, organizations are starting to understand the true value of empowering the knowledge worker, which is the real driver behind MAM.

MAM makes knowledge workers in enterprises more productive by giving them access to the tools and resources that they need in order to do their job more effectively. That includes instant access to high quality business apps that are designed for an enterprise business. Consider the desktop world: It’s not just the software that’s important to the knowledge worker but also the access to documents, data, and resources, all done in a controlled and systemized manner.

A logical extension of application management is knowledge management and knowledge management in the enterprise is largely about how you distribute, share, and collaborate on documents and other data. However, I don’t think customers should turn to MDM vendors to try and solve this problem. It is not what they do and they shouldn’t try to. MAM is very much about putting the knowledge worker at the center of the enterprise app store.

At the end of the day, MDM and MAM are competitive but they shouldn’t be. They are competing technologies because MDM players are attempting to develop app distribution to add to their overall offerings. I would suggest to you software that is developed for and focused on the compliance and security of mobile devices shouldn’t be the solution you deploy to foster knowledge worker empowerment and developer innovation.

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