How to Implement VoIP for Your Start-Up

Having a VoIP system for your start-up is an easy decision: your company can use the power of the Internet to essentially run a professional phone system at just a couple dozen dollars a month. But if you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’re already convinced about the benefits of VoIP for a start-up

Now you want to know how to implement the dang thing! 

The good news is that integrating VoIP in your start-up is one of the easiest things you’ll do all day and many companies offer this service for free. So let’s learn how you can start integrating VoIP into your current phone system and have it all ready by the end of the day – or maybe even before your lunch break.

VoIP Integration

Step One

Decide the VoIP provider you want. If you’re going with a provider like Aptela, you’ll find they offer free customer service for setting up your new system and can even recommend the kind of hardware you might need to buy to suit your needs – if you need to buy any at all.

This step is important because there will be some different things to do depending on which carrier you choose. If you’re confused about this, don’t be afraid to consult your carrier’s web page for more information on setup. There’s a good chance it’s all there already written for you to peruse.

Step Two

Decide how you want to integrate. You can purchase “landline” phones – or simply phones hooked into the wall – or mobile phones that are compatible with the VoIP service you’re purchasing.

As we mentioned in the first step, it may be necessary for you to buy some hardware…but in some cases it won’t be. You can consult with different companies’ customer service departments if you need to troubleshoot this portion of the process.

Step Three

Activate right away and start using! You’d be surprised at how quickly you can start your new phone system. Although some phone systems will require you wait about 5 to 7 days for new phone delivery, others might be able to activate using your already-existing phones. Again, consult with your individual VoIP provider for the specifics on this, as every start-up’s situation is different.

You can also implement other steps like call forwarding in order to begin using your new toll-free phone number right away: this is great for start-ups because it means you’ll look at lot more professional than you would if you were simply using your cell phone as a company line.

Follow these steps and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your VoIP service can be started – and you can start to enjoy more phone freedom than you’ve ever had.

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