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The Chinese Are Coming!

For many, having a smartphone is a symbol of trendiness, modernity and a sizeable bank account, however if the Chinese have anything to do with it, that won’t last forever. Chinese mobile phone manufacturer ZTE is set to take on market giants, Nokia and Ericsson, by offering cheaper smartphones in emerging markets.

Here at AlwaysOnMessage, we pride ourselves seeing the bigger picture, so we take this as welcome news. A new competitor into the smartphone market can only shake things up, making phones more affordable for all, but how will the Big Boys respond?

Nokia’s bread and butter has always been ‘affordable feature phones with seamless engineering’ but with the open source advantages of Android could we soon see phone users in developing nations experiencing the joys of Angry Birds?

Isis Scores Full House of Credit Card Companies

Paying for products with your mobile has long been hailed as the future of purchasing, but it has taken longer than predicted for the technology to take off. However Isis may have nailed it.

In a surprise announcement the company has said that its NFC-powered mobile payment system has secured all the major credit card companies. Working with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, Isis has stated that they will launch with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express making them the first to (potentially) truly nail NFC.

If Isis does get its system active then they will essentially corner the market – however there is trouble lurking round the corner. Competitor Google Wallet (who have Sprint and MasterCard in their corner) are also working on similar technology which could lead to consumer confusion.

Not just that, but there is also the question of what PayPal will do. Isis would be foolish to think they’ll sit back and do nothing. Then there is also their deadline of 2012 – with so many firms working on similar systems, do Isis run the risk of having their cards trumped?

Google And Android Vs Apple – FIGHT!

Talk about throwing down a gauntlet: Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has said his company will support key Android partner HTC in its patent fight with Apple. Is this Schmidt taking the initiative or recklessly putting all his eggs in one basket? After all, if HTC do lose their lawsuit, Google would be forced to help them financially.

However Schmidt knows that if Google is to truly conquer the mobile market, they need the likes of HTC and Samsung in order to spread the Android operating system. The question is how will Apple respond? Dare they go up against Google’s (I imagine) massive financial resources?


Apple Win First (Patent) Round

Apple have already dealt a body blow to HTC by winning a US ruling that stated the Taiwanese phone company had infringed two Apple patents. The US is set to be the main battlefield in the Smartphone War with the US International Trade Commission potentially banning imports of HTC phones.

If this was the case, it would be a massive shift in the smartphone market, with Apple essentially dominating. However with Google aiding HTC, all is not lost – it’s just a case to see how the ruling affects non-Apple phones in the long run. A 10% drop in share prices is not a great start…

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