Missing: 2000 US wireless industry jobs

Despite a booming industry over the past few years, the number of jobs in the US wireless industry has waned, according to figures from the US Bureau of Labor.

In June, citing data from the Bureau, the WSJ reported that the industry recorded 166,000 jobs with US wireless carriers, the lowest figure for 12 years and down on last year by a massive 2000.

However, since 2006 the industry’s overall revenue has rocketed by 28%.

So what’s happened? Wireless operators are making do with less staff, and the remaining employees are working harder, a result of our leaner, more economically conservative times.

However, wireless industry association CTIA, claims that the Bureau’s data does not show the full picture. In a recent blog, CTIA’s VP of research Bob Roche said that the report failed to take into account the complexities of the industry ecosystem.

“The telecom industry is more than a simple binary choice of wireline or wireless. There are a whole host of companies that make up the wireless (and wireline) ecosystem,” he wrote.

“Over time, some wireless carrier jobs have shifted between companies – and so have moved out of the CTIA survey. The changes that the BLS found between 2010 and 2011 can be accounted for by just these kinds of shifts too, as jobs move from one industry category to another and from one location to another.”


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