US Mobile Gaming Consumption

Gaming continues to be the most popular App category amongst US consumers according to research conducted by Nielsen.

The consumer research company found that 93 percent of US App downloaders (those who have downloaded an App within the last 30 days) are willing to pay for the games they play. Interestingly this figure stands at 76 percent for those willing to pay for news Apps.


us-mobile-gaming-chartWeather Apps are the second most popular App category, whilst social networking App usage comes in third. 


The research also found that, among the consumers who have played mobile games in the last 30 days, those with iPhones, Android phones or Windows 7 Phones are the most likely to have downloaded the games they play; in contrast BlackBerry owners tended to play pre-loaded games.

us-mobile-gaming-chart-downloadsOn average mobile gamers spent 7.8 hours a month interacting with games; those with iPhones tend to play 14.4 hours a month, whilst Android owners rack up 9.3 hours per month.



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