Ofcom releases interactive telecoms map for UK


If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you take a look at a new section on the Ofcom site which includes a series of interactive maps.

If you want to find the mobile phone base stations, broadband speeds, potential coverage for new local TV coverage, then this handy interactive tool from Ofcom will do all of those things.  They are also looking at rolling out new maps and features in the future.

The broadband map uses actual data provided by telecommunications providers to provide a picture of broadband provision in 200 administrative areas across the country.

Average broadband speeds

You can zoom in and out of each authority and check out a range of data including the availability of superfast broadband, average broadband take-up (excluding superfast broadband connections) and the average actual speeds for ADSL (broadband over a phone line) and cable services (excluding superfast broadband) averaged across each area.

Each area has been ranked according to a score given for each of the above measures and colour coded with green ranking highest, and red lowest.  The four metrics have also been combined to produce an overall view of broadband in different parts of the UK.

This data will be useful to local authorities in developing their broadband plans and should help to speed up the delivery of improved broadband infrastructure to UK citizens and consumers.

Local TVThe local TV map identifies 65 towns and cities across the UK where local TV services might be technically possible.

Ofcom was asked by the Government to identify these possible areas and you can use the map to click on the various locations to see the kind of coverage that might be achieved by potential services.

Finally, their maps section also includes Sitefinder, which is a database of mobile phone base stations.

Ofcom hosts the Sitefinder tool on behalf of Government and it can be searched for the location and details of mobile phone base station sites around specific locations.

Click here to look at Ofcom’s maps

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