Apple, Samsung, London Buses and iWorks: This Week In Mobile…

A mainly geographical themed look at mobile this week as we go down under, speak German and take a tour of London buses…

Samsung ‘Down Under’ Apple Lawsuit

If there’s one thing that can halt progress, it’s lawyers. That’s the problem facing Samsung after being forced to agree they won’t sell the newest version of their Galaxy Tab tablet in Australia until a patent lawsuit with Apple is resolved.

According to the Australian injunction won by Apple, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringes 10 Apple patents including the iPad’s touchscreen technology. While this is annoying for Australian consumers, and indeed Samsung, what does it mean on a global scale?

Could this patent war stop healthy competition within the tablet sector and, in the extreme, result in the iPad monopolising the sector due to lack of actual competitors? Moreover, if a patent can stop sales down under, it could logically stop them elsewhere as well; what would happen, if say, a patent halted sales in Europe, one of the biggest tablet markets?

Ich bin ein BlueVia user

This week the BlueVia platform was launched across Germany offering revenue-share APIs to developers with end users using Germany’s O2 network. With BlueVia being one of the most credible carrier routes in an app-based economy, its German launch can only benefit the community in the long run.

For those of you unfamiliar with the technology, BlueVia’s APIs allow developers to take apps, web services, and ideas to market.

London buses + Wi-Fi = Bi-Fi?! :)

As part of Boris Johnson’s drive to improve connectivity in the capital, the London bus network will soon get open Wi-Fi allowing commuters to surf the net on the way to work….Hurrah!

While the Mayor has said that “every lamp post and every bus stop will one day very soon, and before the 2012 Olympics, be Wi-Fi enabled”, our main concern is the rest of the country.

If the Olympics are truly going to be a national event, than the rest of the country needs to feel as connected as the capital.

Apple building Office apps?

This week sees reports that Apple is working on web-based versions of its iWorks office applications. This is a somewhat strange move from Apple…their entire, albeit modern day, business model revolves around mobile and apps.

We are advocates of furthering technology and evolving products but is this a step too far away from the Apple we all know and love and an inch closer to taking Google on in a different medium? Bear in mind the founder of NetScape, Marc Andreessen, once said “our greatest mistake was ignoring our customers to focus on our competition.”

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