Survey reveals CIOs' lack of confidence in the Cloud

A new report has revealed that confidence in the security of cloud computing is at an all time low.

The study by SunGard Research, published last week, surveyed 250 UK chief information officers (CIOs) and found that a paltry 10 percent were “completely confident” when it came to security and resilience of third party cloud offerings.

In addition, a further lack of trust was cited by two-thirds of those polled who had already experienced downtime for cloud applications. However, it wasn't all bad news: 68 percent displayed a more relaxed attitude when it came to outsourcing company data,providing it isn't case sensitive or critical - and the three most sensitive applications they would like to remain within the organisational firewall include HR, accounting and payroll.

Commenting on the findings, Keith Tilley, UK managing director of SunGard said: “It is clear from this research that while cloud adoption continues apace, CIOs are holding back from committing their most sensitive and important data to third party cloud providers.

“While the newer breed of cloud providers has focused on selling the benefits of cloud… organisations are right to be asking the crucial questions about the security and availability of their data and infrastructure before they entrust it to a third party.”

And, it seems that Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are just as cautious with 42 percent of their colleagues showed “opposition or concerns” about moving data to cloud technology. CFOs were shown to be more wary in general, with 23 percent saying they weren’t willing to outsource anything, compared to 14 percent of CIOs with the same attitude.

However, 84 percent said they had moved a number of applications into the Cloud; 82 percent have moved infrastructure and 42 percent are planning to shift half their infrastructure to an "as a service model" within the next year.

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