New research maps US by Android vs iOS

New Data Takes Deep Look at Performance of Advertising on Android Devices

New data from Jumptap, the leader in targeted mobile advertising, shows that consumers in the South and Southwest tend to be Android-biased compared to the rest of the country, while those in the Midwest and Northeast lean towards iOS. California, Texas and Florida over-index for Android use and states in New England and the Midwest over-index for iOS use. Blackberry use, which over-indexed in New York, was also included in the geographic data. This new data establishes an evolving narrative of a North vs. South divide in the ongoing battle of the two top mobile operating systems.

The results are revealed as part of Jumptap’s monthly data report, Mobile STAT (Simple Targeting & Audience Trends), which is based on data for the first half of 2011 from the over 83 million unique users on the Jumptap mobile ad network. The report also showed that Android continues to hold the top spot in terms of overall share (with iOS coming in a close second), but that iOS ads continue to outperform ads on other operating systems.

“Our advertisers are requesting the most granular data available on mobile users so they can create the most targeted campaigns,” said Paran Johar, Chief Marketing Officer for Jumptap. “This new data reveals some interesting patterns for advertisers to consider when targeting consumers using Android devices vs. iOS devices.”

The STAT report also examines the ad performance on Android devices in new dimensions, breaking out ad performance by both manufacturer and carrier. The manufacturer analysis showed that Sony Ericsson devices are the only Android devices with ad performance nearing that of iOS devices. Ads running on Sony Ericsson devices in the first half of 2011 averaged a .54% click-through rate, making it the only Android manufacturer above the industry average of .52%, but still not as high as iOS devices at .78%.

Jumptap’s Mobile STAT report is a monthly view into targeting and audience trends in mobile advertising. Jumptap takes a unique data-driven approach to mobile advertising, enabling it to surface the insights contained in the report. STAT contains analysis of hundreds of gigabytes of log data, powered by the scalable, efficient and lightning-fast Jumptap technology. Jumptap strives to make mobile advertising smart and simple, and STAT was designed to benefit the entire mobile ecosystem.

To download a full copy of the Jumptap STAT report, visit

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