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Yet more interesting predictions for the next quarter and Google takes up magic…

Mozilla OS to threaten Android?

With their Internet browser Firefox, Mozilla shook up a market that was previously dominated by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Now they look to do the same again by utilising their Gecko engine to create an OS for mobiles and tablets, threatening Android which is famed for its open source system.

So should Google be worried? Well, this is not Internet browsers anymore, it is an OS and users are much more particular about something that controls the lives of their gadgets. Mozilla’s Gecko OS will no doubt provide healthy competition, but it will have to work hard for its share of the market.

Mozilla have said they will release the source in “real time”, so developers will be watching closely to see where support will spring from. Either way, it provides a lot of weight to HTML 5 and jQuery Mobile Web. Watch this space for a potential new saga in the OS Wars.

Google and The Vanishing Apps

App stores are built on the support of developers. However Google has incurred the wrath of the faithful by changing the way search engines work in the marketplace

With the new changes, previously popular apps have disappeared leading to a plethora of complaints and a download decrease of 80 percent.  For smartphone users, downloading apps is all about discovering new apps. If they can’t find what they’re looking for on Android’s marketplace, then the company faces a real problem.

While Google’s marketplace algorithm has always been poor, it does not bode well for a company built on its search ability to have such a poor engine. Perhaps it is just best to learn from this mistake and go back to the previous algorithm – after all, distribution is everything and if Google don’t have their developers, they have nothing.

Windows Mobile release Mango update

When it comes to mobile operating systems, it is normally a case of apples and oranges (should this be BlackBerries?) however Microsoft aim to change that with the Mango. Reported to bring 500 improvements to the mobile OS, the latest version of the Windows Phone mobile operating system shows you can never count the Gates’ Empire of the race.

With their new record beating quarter and reports that Mango provides a “smarter and easier approach to communications and apps”, Microsoft look set to recover from the relative disappointment of the Windows 7 Phone. While it will be a case of wait and see to see if Mango provides the OS boost Microsoft need, it would be foolish to bet against them. After all the phrase used to be “Don’t bet against Bill”, but with Microsoft showing they can still match Apple and co. blow for blow, it should be updated to “Don’t bet against Ballmer”.

Users want iPhone 5… and they don’t even know what it does yet

Would you buy a car without test driving it? Would you buy a house without getting it surveyed? So why would you buy a phone without even knowing what features it boasts? Well, according to a survey of nearly 3,000 people, half wanted the upcoming iPhone 5, despite no official details on the phone having yet been released.

Not only does this show the ever-growing cult of Apple is undiminished, but that with the planned releases of the WP7 Mango and Nokia WP7 within a few weeks of each other, consumers know that Steve Jobs will be planning something special for the next generation smartphone. Q4 2011 looks to be a dramatic battle when it comes to smart devices with a whole host of tablets also going on sale.

The only question is who will end up on top?

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