What are the latest broadband speed trends?

The UK suffers from a “massive discrepancy” in broadband speeds and should be aiming for the standards of Singapore where broadband speeds have doubled, according to a report.

A report from UK-based wireless comparison providers uSwitch.com has uncovered a ‘massive discrepancy’ between certain streets for broadband speed – and warns that the gap...

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Wireless services still source of consumer anger, says regulator

A worrying trend from Canada, where consumer complaints go up 35% year on year: should this make service providers rethink their strategy?

A report from the Canadian Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) has revealed that, in the North American country, consumer complaints went up 35% in 2012, with wireless services being the biggest bugbear for the fourth year in a row.

10,838 complaints were lodged by the regulator, with 10,678 concluded. 7,221 of the issues derived from...

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AT&T is fined for not having an unobtainable licence

FCC action follows interference to airport weather radar.

The FCC has confirmed a fine of $25,000 against AT&T for operating a Wi-Fi-type device that caused interference to a weather radar at a Puerto Rico airport. 

Yes, it appears that AT&T slipped up. But we think the FCC fined it for the wrong offence.

The problem stems – as do many FCC...

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How mobile broadband is driving a transformation

Mobile broadband related advances are changing the legacy business models of the telecom sector. In developing nations around the globe, many people will likely encounter the internet for the first time via an inexpensive smartphone. Infonetics Research has released excerpts from its latest 3G and 4G (LTE, WiMAX) Broadband Devices and Subscribers market study that highlights these changes. The global study and resulting report tracks smartphones, smartphone OS, mobile broadband USBs, embedded mobile broadband cards and...

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Does latest Juniper research show a watershed for NFC?

A report from Juniper Research has revealed that the mobile payments and NFC market will exponentially increase and eventually exceed $180bn in five years’ time – a sevenfold increase over this year.

Just over a third of that figure (35%) will be generated by Western Europe, with North America (30%) and the Far East and China (26%) trailing behind.

To put it into context, Juniper forecasts one in four people from Western Europe and the United...

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Sprint rolls out US 4G LTE network – a bit late to the party?

The American telecoms carrier Sprint Nextel has announced a rolling out of their 4G long-term evolution (LTE) network in the US.

Sprint, one of the ‘big four’ American long distance providers, has launched their 4G network in 15 American cities, mainly in Georgia and Texas with plans to bring out additional 4G LTE markets later this year.

“This new network is performing extremely well and customers should find it consistent, reliable and really...

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Is ‘dumping’ scandal aftermath starting to hit ZTE hard?

It hasn’t been the best of weeks for Chinese telecoms behemoth ZTE: not only are their profits down, but it’s been reported that up to 12,000 of their staff could lose their jobs as part of a cost-cutting exercise.

A piece by Marbridge Consulting, citing a source within the company, has claimed that ZTE has already made three rounds of cuts since February, with overseas workers very much at risk.

Staff have purportedly been sent a circulatory explaining the importance of localisation in tough...

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WBA trials advanced next generation hotspots for 2013

The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), in collaboration with major TELCOs including Telefonica and AT&T, has revealed a series of trials of next generation hotspots (NGH) with the aim of providing more public Wi-Fi access points worldwide.

The WBA’s ambition is “to secure an outstanding user experience through the global deployment of next-generation Wi-Fi”, and it has gotten a who’s who of telecommunications on board.

Other providers include BT, China Mobile and Time Warner Cable,...

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Anonymous India hacks TELCO website in censorship protest

It’s safe to say there have been less interesting weeks in Indian telecoms.

Following the approval of a new national telecoms policy, and the hacking into provider Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL)’s website by the Anonymous India group, there has been plenty to talk about.

The site of state-assisted MTNL was down for at least six hours yesterday, with the Anonymous India blog proudly displaying a

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"Resourceful" mobile workers not totally satisfied with Wi-Fi, report states

A report from iPass has noted consumer dissatisfaction with slow Wi-Fi connections while praising their resourcefulness, among other trends.

The report, titled “Understanding Mobility Trends and Mobile Usage Among Business Users”, examined trends in “globally mobile” users, and how they influence the “always-on mobile worker”, emphasising the 24/7 nature of mobile workers.

A startling 88% of those surveyed stated that

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