Gowex employees speak of “helpless situation” after CEO admits falsifying accounts

Spanish Wi-Fi provider Gowex has been forced to declare bankruptcy after shocking revelations that the company had been falsifying its accounts for the past four years.

And, in a written statement, Gowex’s employees have noted a collective “state of complete shock” following the news.

Following the announcement to his board, Gowex CEO Jenaro Garcia Martin tendered his resignation, which was accepted.

According to a...

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Network Rail fine will put free, 10x faster Wi-Fi on trains

If you're a regular train commuter you'll have faced delay-after-delay on the UK's rail network. As a result, Network Rail has had to stump up £70 million in fines for repeated poor service. The fine will be used to improve service in another increasingly important area, wireless broadband.

New mobile Wi-Fi equipment will boost data speeds to "at lease ten times faster" than current available services. If all goes to plan, it will also be free. Rather than the current satellite-based system users will,...

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Interview: Hotspot 2.0 offers the future of Wi-Fi connectivity

A new breed of Wi-Fi connectivity is rolling-out, Hotspot 2.0. For the next-generation of hotspots, the industry is removing some of the barriers which can cause frustration and providing a more seamless experience whilst retaining security.

TelecomsTech (TT) spoke to Dave Wright (DW) from Ruckus Wireless after the company, with UK-based Global Reach Technology, launched a large-scale municipal Hotspot 2.0 service in San Francisco and San José.

TT: What...

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Analysing the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard – the good and the bad

There are a lot of disruptive technologies in the Wi-Fi space which promises greater speed and connection, from Hotspot 2.0, which utilises the IEEE 802.11u standard to ape cellular roaming, to 802.11ac, which was launched by the Wi-Fi Alliance in June.

Ruckus Wireless has launched a product which is claimed to be the first to be designed on the 802.11ac standard from the ground up – the Ruckus ZoneFlex R700, which can operate as either a standalone access point (AP) or in a centrally managed wireless...

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Mobile World Congress: What is the future of Wi-Fi in an LTE-heavy landscape?

Telecoms Tech’s travels at Mobile World Congress earlier this week have involved reporting on everything from Mark Zuckerberg to operator strategies and the future of voice.

Yet the most popular story filed from Barcelona focused on a 5G panel featuring European Commission VP Neelie Kroes. Here, Tech Portfolio editor James Bourne looks at an...

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M2M and the role of radio

Machine to Machine communications are firmly established at the operational heart of many industries and continues to offer an array of capabilities.

The number of M2M device connections is set to grow to 2.1 billion by 2021 – primarily fuelled by the utilities, manufacturing and primary industries as well as those using in-vehicle telematics.

The beauty of M2M is that it enables the automatic monitoring of remote assets regardless of their location and environmental conditions. By automating remote...

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Upside for Smart Devices with embedded M2M tech

Machine to machine (M2M) connectivity will be embedded in more than 2 billion devices across nine key industries by 2018 - but it will be cellular wireless communication services that will bring the bulk of the value and the revenues, according to the latest global market study by ABI Research. A new generation of smart devices is set to have embedded connectivity and manufacturers already have a number of technologies to select to deliver network connectivity. ABI Research has examined the demand and appeal for M2M connectivity across cellular, satellite, fixed-line and short-range wireless technologies within nine key industry...

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Your cup o’ Joe (or any hot beverage) isn’t even safe from hackers

Hackers are indisputably clever; every day finding new ways to circumvent barriers and find their way into your devices. The battle between “White Hats” and “Black Hats” is one which has waged on with increasing intensiveness for decades – and only set to grow. Not even your kettle is safe.

Russian authorities claimed that household appliances imported from China have been found to contain tiny microchips which seek out open WiFi networks and then distribute malware.


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Analysing the upside opportunities within the cloud gaming market

The video game sector is constantly evolving to meet the expectations for product innovation. In a recent market study, Microsoft just beat out Sony for the top position in a game console competitive assessment -- based on expectations for the impact of Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One game consoles. ABI Research evaluated a number of companies across three device categories: game consoles, smart set-top boxes, and TVs/Blu-ray players. Several factors were used to score each company based on two...

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