Research: Slow broadband is costing SMEs

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Although it's anticipated the average employee spends just 15 minutes per day waiting for web-based requests to complete – across eight members of staff that adds up to a full day wasted over the course of a week. 

In new research commissioned by Virgin Media Business, over 1,100 senior "decision makers" in small UK businesses were questioned about the...

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The SME opportunity: Bill shock and customer data

You might have heard about a story appearing in the press recently, which reported that a UK customer was hit with two bills which amounted to a staggering £19,000.

While originally intent on the bill being paid, it later emerged the cost was a result of a fault with the customer's device, which was (unexpectedly) sending and receiving vast amounts of data, and the bill was ultimately waived. In a similar gaffe in October 2012, a French telephone user was sent a bill for 12 quadrillion Euros (yes,...

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Business requirements vs. functional requirements

Many analysts struggle with understanding the differences between business requirements and functional requirements. Some people even think they are the same, but I want to assure you that they are not. In this blog, I explain the differences. To be clear, in defining requirements, there are actually four types of requirements that should be defined: business requirements, stakeholder requirements, solution requirements, and transition requirements. There are also two types of solution...

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Common Misconceptions about VoIP

We recently consulted with a prospect regarding their aging Nortel phone system. They realized they needed to upgrade, they were aware of the technological advances since they installed the (used) Nortel PBX over 10 years ago, but there were many areas in which they were either mistaken or misinformed. First they were afraid that their ‘network problems’ would hamper a VoIP implementation. Second, they were expecting a savings on their international long distance bill “because their calls...

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Blackberry service improves but brand damage is done

Blackberry assured its users that services across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India were ‘operating with significant improvement’ this morning, following a disastrous three day outage.

Users of Blackberry’s messaging and email services worldwide have been experiencing severe disruption since the 10 October, when a core switch failure within RIM’s infrastructure at its data centre in Slough, Berkshire in the UK caused the system to fall over.

Unfortunately for Blackberry,...

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