Australian regulator moves forward to prevent “bill shock”

Only yesterday, TelecomsTech posted a wonderful article by Matt Hooper on “bill shock” and how mobile operators should take more responsibility to help prevent it, well Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) regulator clearly heard.

So what preventive measures will soon be in place to help Australians roaming abroad from returning to huge fees, and therefore the dreaded “bill shock”?

First of all, the new...

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Are we heading towards “fashion house” technology and custom smartphones?

Buying a smartphone could become a whole lot more complex over the next few years, from custom-builds, to deciding which fashion designer we want behind our mobile devices. I’m already cringing with you at the thought of the latter.

So let’s start with the more exciting prospect of custom-build smartphones...

Custom-build Smartphones

Ever since Google’s acquisition of Motorola we’ve been waiting to see the fruits of the combined giants efforts, and rumours of the ubiquitous “X” phone...

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EE doubles 4G speeds, offers shared plans, and fights rivals over advertising techniques

It’s all happening for UK mobile network EE, the collaboration between Orange and T-Mobile.

The operator is - yet again - set to double their 4G speeds. Alongside this increased speed; the company is beginning “shared plans”, but taking the fight to rivals over their (premature?) advertising.

Beginning with the company’s own services - Olaf Swantee, EE CEO, has announced the new faster 4G offering will include Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds,...

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Heading to the EU? Your roaming bill has just been cut!

Last week, the EU Commission's VP Neelie Kroes promised charges for using your mobile whilst abroad (or “roaming”) will become significantly cheaper. Today the promise has been delivered with substantial cuts across the member states.

This will be a day of celebration for anyone who has ever been hit with expensive charges when away from home; whether on work, holiday, or calling friends/family living away.

Although prices are nowhere near the levels of my teen years (I’ll never forget that...

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Telecoms provider T-Mobile teases “Our boldest moves yet.”

Mobile network provider T-Mobile has teased an event being held on July 10th in New York City simply entitled, “Our boldest moves yet.”

Apart from pondering over this intriguing tagline; little can be gained from the invitation. The image is entitled “moonshot” to which we can only speculate its meaning.

It could simply be a reference to taking a wild shot, or a “bold move”, although a quick Google search shows up Janet-led initiative “Project Moonshot.”


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Regulator Ofcom releases complaints figures

UK regulator Ofcom has released figures of complaints towards all the major telecoms and pay TV providers between January and March 2013.

In general the outlook is looking positive with complaints in pay-monthly mobile dropping slightly despite the rollout of LTE (or lack of in many cases) where many would predict some amount of negative feedback.

Landline Services

Operator TalkTalk has had less than a great feature in the report however, hitting the top of the complaints at a rate of 0.39 complaints per...

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Microsoft partners with Telefónica to boost WP against Android and iOS

Although gradually rising, Microsoft has had nowhere near the success with Windows Phone the Redmond-company had surely hoped by this stage.

It’s truly a shame, as whilst Android – the market share leader – could be called an iOS clone, and iOS is still being called “stagnant” in features; Windows Phone has both brought both brand-new design and software innovations to the table.

Now the software giant is looking to Telefónica to help boost the platform against its two...

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Hutchison Three buys O2, now owns 40 percent of Ireland’s market

In a drastic acquisition, Hutchison Three has bought O2’s share in Ireland’s mobile market; resulting in 40 percent ownership of the entire country’s networks.

O2 Ireland, previously owned by Telefónica, was acquired for a hefty €850 million ($1.1 billion) this morning. The company is sure to hope this will help to ease the company’s current huge debts.

Announced via press release (PDF), Robert...

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Interview: Telefónica’s Pavan Mathew on “Connected Cars”

This week Pavan Mathew, Global Head of Automotive Telematics at Telefónica, privileged me with an exclusive interview about a report released by the company on how the “Car industry must remodel itself to exploit the connected future.”

As we move towards a fully digital lifestyle we expect devices to be connected; with not just access to the wider world via the internet and services that entails, but also seamlessly with one...

Deutsche Telekom launches M2M Developer Kits

In order to help promote M2M (Machine-to-Machine) development based in the cloud, vendor Deutsche Telekom is providing developer kits to get started.

TelecomsTech spoke to DT’s Ruslan Ismailov at Mobile World Congress back in February to discuss the telco’s M2M strategy going forward – and now we’re beginning to see some progress.

Consisting of an Arduino or a Cinterion board with a GSM chip, and of course a SIM card for access to the...

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